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Ragging is a Criminal Offence

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the College Campus. Any issues regarding it must be immediately informed to the competent authority or the Principal.
"Ragging" means causing, inducing, compelling or forcing a student, whether by way of a practical joke or otherwise, to do any act which detracts from human dignity or violates his person or exposes him to ridicule or to forbear from doing any lawful act, by intimidating, wrongfully restraining, wrongfully confining, or injuring him or by using criminal force to him or by holding out to him any threat of such intimidation, wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement, injury or the used or criminal force.
In modern era, "Ragging" has become to be known only as synonym of "teasing", "terror", "harassment", "cruelty", "fear" and "physical and mental torture". By perusal of records and survey, it has come to be accepted that "Ragging" is a systematized form of Human Rights' abuse as embodied under the Constitution of India as well as other Constitutions of the World.
Ragging being an evil practice, is inhuman, illegal and punishable. It violates the discipline of an educational institution and adversely affects the standards of higher education. Ragging in educational institution is banned by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The Court has issued mandatory orders to curb the menace of ragging in educational institutions. If an applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or it is noticed later that he/she has indulged in ragging, his/her admission may be refused or he/she shall be expelled from the educational institution. The punishment may also be in other forms, such as suspension from the classes for a limited period, or fine with a public apology, debarring from representation in events, withholding results, suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess, and the like. If the Head of the Institution is not satisfied with these arrangements for action, an First Information Report (FIR) can be filed without exception by the institutional authorities with the local police.
The Rajiv Gandhi Government College, Chaura Maidan, Shimla is committed to eliminate ragging in all forms. In compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Apex Court of the country. Our College has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Name DesignationContact Number
Dr. Rakesh Sharma Associate Professor (Economics)+91 94180 95808
Dr. Dinesh S. Kanwar Associate professor (English) +91 94186 26090
Dr. Ruby KapoorAssociate Professor (Commerce) +91 70183 07146
Dr. Sunil ChauhanAssociate Professor (Political Science) +91 94184 94888
Dr. Shalini ChauhanAssociate Professor (Zoology) +91 94182 33530
Mr. Sanjeev Negi Superintendent Grade – I +91 94184 55397
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Shimla (Urban) +91 177 2657007
SHO, Boileauganj, Shimla+91 177 2830193

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